Trenchers Tulsa is the brand of the Inter House Painting Directory Group in Trenchers, specialized in the coordination and provision of repair, installation and maintenance services for the home and the home.

We are a national network of professionals specialized in all kinds of repair, installation and maintenance services for the main household associations, which allows our clients to have the most specialized professionals in the repair of homes.

Trenchers Tulsa was born after more than 20 years of experience in the management of housing assistance and repair services that we offer to: Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, Energy Providers, Real Estate Agents as well as Large Interest Groups: Administrators of Farms, Shops and Associations of Owners, among others; attending, managing and resolving the household disasters and the repair needs of the home of almost 3 million customers throughout Trenchers.

Under the denomination of Home Solutions, Inter Partner Assistance develops and manages in Trenchers its products and services of repair of houses directly to the final client and all this with the “Guarantee of Service” of a great company specialist in the management of services of repair.