For some, exterior painting seem to be a plain task, but it is actually a difficult and time consuming task that requires a lot of planning, attention to small details and preparation beforehand. One cannot just jump straight into the exterior painting process because there are a lot of things to be considered first, such as selecting the appropriate color, preparing the surface, determining the proper paint application, and many more. Impressions painting Tulsa would like to give you these steps to better help you think through your next painting project.

Step by step process:

#1 Clean the exterior surface

Before you proceed on painting the exterior surface of your house, it is important to make sure that your canvas is washed and cleaned from bottom to top, in order to make sure that it is free from any foreign substance and uneven textures.

TIP: you can rent a pressure washer to help you with the exterior surface cleaning. Moreover, cleaning the surface of your house using this method can help in taking off hard to remove molds and severe stains from the exterior of your house. This can also save you a lot of time, as compared with the conventional hand washing method.

By cleaning the exterior surface of your house, you can maximize its overall adhesion with the paint that you’re about to apply. After cleaning, let the exterior surface of your house dry for 1-2 days before proceeding to the next step.

#2 Let it dry then scrape off any flaking paint

It is important to make sure that the surface of your home is completely dry before proceeding to this part. The primary reason behind this is because scraping off excess or flaking paint while it is still wet would lead to more paint flaking as it dries. So, it is advisable to let your home dry for at least a day or two before proceeding to scrape.

Look out for the following:

  • remove any visible wasp’s nest, spiderwebs and leaves
  • remove any dust and thin soot along the exterior surface of your home

#3 Apply caulk to any cracked areas

Crack clapboards, seams, voids, and junctions can be filled using caulk. You should fill these cracks and voids with caulk fully, up until it is completely filled. After this, you can proceed on wiping the excess caulk away using a wet towel or rag.

A word of caution: be careful with applying caulk on the gaps or voids on the structure of your home, because if not, you might end up blocking gutter or soffit that are meant to be there for air circulation and ventilation purposes.

#4 Make necessary repairs

Before you proceed on the painting part, make sure to repair all the rotted and damaged areas of the exterior surface of your home first. It is always advisable to ask a professional or an experienced carpenter to assist you with the repairs, especially if it is an extremely damaged one.

#5 Primer application

It is important to prime any exposed or bare areas of the exterior surface of your home with an oil-based primer, preferably if it is an exterior grade one. This step is crucial as it helps in sealing the exposed wood, and creates a moisture tight deterrent between the paint and the exterior surface of your home.

TIP: having a light sanding or a palm sander ready may come in handy for this step.

While priming the whole exterior surface of your home can be very beneficial, it is important to focus on priming the problem areas of your home such as dried wood and raw wood fillers. Also, if there are any bare spots, a quart amount of primer would be enough.

#6 Trim nearby trees, plants and bushes

Nearby trees, plants or bushes can cause blockage along the way. So it is advisable to trim close contact trees, plants and bushes, in order to have more working space for you without the disturbance of any thorns and branches. Furthermore, this will protect your plants from any paint spills and splashes once you proceed with the pain application.

After this step, you can now proceed with the exterior painting of your house. You can choose among these two methods: rolling paint or spray equipment to have the exterior surface of your house painted.


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The most requested services in the painting are painting floors and houses, plaster smoothening elimination and smoothing of walls, first paintings, painting of facades.

We offer:

Light Colors For Greater Luminosity

If you are tired of those dark colors at home, which make the stays more sad and small, it is time to give a new look to the house. Painting the walls with light colors will give greater luminosity to those dark environments, as they reflect more light. Also, this trick makes the rooms look more prominent.

The Recommended Colors Are Fresh Colors, Broken White And Neutral Gray.

Interior Paint

If you add to the interior painting a decoration with light colors, it will increase even more the sensation of light and warmth.

To make this type of home renovation, it is better to have professional painter services. AtĀ  Home Solutions, we offer online quotes for painting services free of charge within 24 hours. But if you have decided to do it yourself, visit interior design blogs, ask for recommendations when you go to buy the painting and, above all, choose colors that convey pleasant emotions.

Chalkboard Painting

One day you arrive home, and you find a new Picasso in the living room. Your son came up with the beautiful idea of painting on the walls with these colorful markers. And it is that when it comes to creativity there are no limits, nor do we have to put them. To let the artist take your son inside, there is the possibility of painting with blackboard paint. It works like an ordinary blackboard, but with the advantage of saving space and the freedom to paint big.

Painting Walls

The good thing about this is that it is not only a good idea for children, also in the workplace (brainstormings, calendars, notes, meetings) or for the home kitchen (recipes, notes, shopping list) is a good idea. It can be applied to furniture and doors giving them a fun touch.

If you dare to paint your house or your work area with this painting remember that, depending on the base where it is going to be painted, a previous action is necessary to ensure the anchoring of the picture.

In Trenchers Tulsa we can help you if you have doubts about painting services or you need to ask for a painter’s estimate at home. In less than 24 hours we get in touch with you.

Smoothen The Plaster

Currently, there are still new and second-hand homes that are painted with the smoothen the plaster technique. This technique, which became very fashionable in the 80s, has some disadvantages that make it consider removing it and giving a new image to the house with smooth paint.

If you are thinking about removing it or you still have your doubts, Trenchers Tulsa gives you a series of pros and cons for you to evaluate if it is worth making that change.

painting reforms


– Cover flaws of ceilings and walls.

– It’s cheaper since it does not require the perfection of marking the lines.

– It is supposed to be out of fashion, although there are construction companies that continue to deliver homes with this technique. It’s a matter of taste.


– The plaster smoothening recharges the spaces while the smooth painting makes the rooms and furniture more attractive.

– Due to its thickness and roughness, it can damage furniture when moving or scraping the skin to people.

– The plaster smoothening drops accumulate dirt, and it is very practically impossible to eliminate it. On the walls with smooth paint, wipe with a damp cloth.

– Does not allow the placement of wallpaper or vinyl to decorate the walls.

– This technique absorbs all the attention. If it is removed, the floors, windows, and furniture stand out more and begin to take on a role that previously robbed the texture of the wall.

As a disadvantage of removing the plaster smoothening is the time, effort and skill that supposes for the wall to be completely smooth and well if you decide to remove it, at Trenchers Tulsa we offer you free online quotes from professional painters that can respond to your painting renovation needs.…

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